Winter's Coming

Some helpful wintertime tips:
1. protect your home and your wallet by making sure garden hoses are not left connected to shut-off valves in freeze-prone seasons. Water in the hose can back up into the valve as it freezes and expands and can actually cause copper pipes to burst.
2. Blown or loose attic insulation can actually be scattered by air drafts. And sometimes it's not equally sprayed during construction resulting in bear spots above your ceilings. This will result in cold spots in the rooms below wasting heat and money. Check it out and rake it out evenly before the cold weather is here. Wear a tight-fitting mask to avoid inhaling the stuff or hire a pro. By the way, if you don't have at least R-30 batts or at least 8" of blown insulation, consider adding more. It's one of the easiest upgrades to do and quite cost effective. Just be careful to not block any soffit vents that provide cross ventilation to your attic.
3. Most homes nowadays have adjustable thresholds below their entry doors. Over time they get pushed down from everyday foot traffic. Get down really low and check if you can see any daylight seeping in at the door bottom. If so, loosen the screws in the threshold bar to raise it snug against the door's sweep. Shut out the drafts and save money.
4. Check your entry doors' weatherstripping and replace any portion that's missing.


Richard L.

Expert Architectural Design & AutoCAD Drafting

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