English Learners' Podcast

I recently discovered a podcast that is a great tool for English speakers to learn more about the language they use every day. It is a National Public Radio show called "A Way with Words." People can call in with their language questions, and often learn about their "etymological heritage" through a brief conversation with Grant and Martha, the word gurus. It is not necessary to be a native speaker to understand the podcast, although it is intended for fluent speakers. This show offers everything from word origins to archaic definitions, to idioms, to localized word usage. The show is very useful and a seasoned English speaker will learn something new within each session of listening to the program. The information provided is also easy to remember as Grant and Martha give you helpful and detailed tips in a fun and easygoing way. For more information, go to I highly recommend this as a resource for English speakers.


Rachel M.

ESL & French Tutor

600+ hours
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