Study Tips!

Not everyone learns in the same way or style, therefore not everyone should study in the same way or style. A universal study tip which caters to almost every style of learning is the SQ3R. SQ3R stands for Survey, Question, Read, Recite, and Review. When one surveys, he or she is taking an overall look at what the lesson or chapter will be about. Have a basic idea of what you will be studying before you actually start studying. This will give you the foundation to build on as you are learning. Question means to write some questions down that you would like to learn while studying. You may have basic questions or you could have extensive detailed questions. Do not be afraid to seek answers! The next are the three (3) Rs. Read, Recite, Review. When you are reading, challenge yourself to find the answers to the questions you previously wrote down. Be a creative thinker and look for the answers in places where you would not generally think they would be. I have noticed that many students get overwhelmed when looking up vocabulary words for example. They read the subtitle of the chapter, then feel lost when the word was not listed in that section. By thinking critically and paying attention, you'll not only find the answers you seek, but you just may learn more than you ever imagined! Don't hesitate asking follow up questions once you find the answer. You may find the "who", so why not search for the "why?" The next step is recite. This means to say out loud, make a chart, rhythmically say the answers (put the answers to a tune), or just repeat, repeat, repeat. Your individualized learning style will dictate how you choose to carry out the step of reciting. When you review, go over all the notes you have taken, all the questions and follow up questions you have answered, and all the highlighted terms and responses and study them in the way that best benefits you! Some work best when reviewing in silence while others remember best when there is relaxing music playing. Don't be afraid to experiment with different learning styles until you find the one that is right for you! Good luck!

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