Smile and Encouragement helps children a lot in learning whatever.

I've been living here in Lisle for almost a year. I had such a great time in teaching the kids in Langlang Education Center as well as at home. I would like to share something here with all of you: teachers, students and parents. I hope that you can enjoy my post and also Wish whomever reads this post a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Chinese or American, kids all behave very similarly in their curiosity and enthusiasm to learn something that they are interested in. So as a teacher, when I helped the kids in languages or other subjects, all I need is just smile and encouragement all the time.

Smile can help the kids to have a very comfortable atmosphere to learn with you and encouragement is very essential to help kids build up their confidence in learning anything. Once you handle these two pieces of treasure in teaching very well, you will gain a magnetic connection with the kids and make them like you and enjoy learning with you. Of course, at the same time you can also feel so fulfilled with happiness in helping them.

I hope I can help you or your kids in learning Chinese, English or any other subjects that I posted in my profile in 2013.


Yin D.

Patient & Effective Chinese Mandarin Teacher

20+ hours
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