Communication skills that kill

It is important for children to socialize from the moment they come into this world. We interact in groups like prides of lions. Learning how to communicate thoughts, feelings, ideas, philosophies, and so forth, which can be challenging for young ones. Before you start a conversation with someone, first define its purpose. What are you trying to achieve by holding the upcoming discourse between you and another person or group of people? I often find it difficult to start a conversation with people who are close to me or even strangers, but I push myself to initiate a discussion by asking questions. It's as easy as how did you sleep last night? Did you dream of anything crazy? What are your plans for the day? What's going on in recent news? What is your favorite season of the year? Who is your best friend?

Prior to starting a conversation, think about the knowledge your audience already has on the subject. Also, being a good listener is more important than blabbing about your daily activities in a fragmented, lazy manner. Use a cheerful tone of voice. You can control the way people respond to your chatter just by raising your voice more. Never forget to smile. Even if you don't feel like talking, a smile will hold you over until the next opportunity to engage in a conversation arises.

Parents, it is very important that you hold conversations with your children from a very young age, and continue to include them in your discourse as much as possible. It will help them in the long run when it is their time to shine. Children love positive attention. Don't forget to smile sincerely. I have recently come across parents, who use a lot of cuss words around their children, and their tone of voice is very sarcastic. I feel sorry for their children. The children's self-esteem is being abused. I don't have children. I am 33 years old. My boyfriend is a 61-year-old retired Army major. He was in the special forces for 36 years as a sniper. He was discharged when he got shot three times in Iraq. He was in Vietnam too. He suffers from PTSD. He also can't talk about certain top secret missions he went on over the years. He closely monitors himself when telling stories. He is an excellent story teller though when he can open up at times.

Telling each other stories about our personal lives helps us to get to know the people we live around. Who is your neighbor? Get him or her to talk about his or her past, and they will be happy to gab your ear off if they have the time. People know themselves the best, so they will have an easy time finding stuff to talk about. My boyfriend often tells me the same stories again and again, but I don't mind, because I look for the details that he adds the next time he tells me the same thing that I have not already heard. My ex-boyfriend loved to discuss how the economy took a dump. I was so proud to hear him finally refine his version of the news.


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