Top 3 study tips to kick off the school year

#1 -- Don't be shy to buddy up with friends to study together after school. Make sure to have snacks available. Frozen French fries are cheap to buy. Drink water with lemon. Time yourself for an hour. After you succeed the limit, reward yourself with a cookie. Friends will always know a few things you don't, and vice versa. Read to each other out loud. This is also good practice for when you randomly get called upon by the teacher. It will also help your communication skills to verbalize words well. Have a dictionary handy. Look up every word you don't know. This is time consuming, but will benefit you in the long run when you come across a daunting word again, and now you know it. Even within definitions of words look up those words too.

#2 -- Listen to teacher's lectures instead of daydreaming. It's early morning. You're not a coffee drinker yet. Your teacher's voice is monotone. You don't sit by your crush. The next hour is going to go by so slow. Try to stay awake by becoming genuinely interested in the topic of discussion. Take the time to reflect on what is being said by adding your own thoughts and feelings at the tail-end of ideas.

#3 -- There can be stupid questions, but never hold them back -- any of them! Stupid questions in my book are troublesome ones the teacher won't even give you the time of day to acknowledge such as I made Jesus-shaped pancakes, but I burnt them. Am I going to hell? You would be lucky to get an eye roll or two. The worst thing that can go wrong is being too shy to raise your hand. If you feel like breaking up the boredom with a joke, more power to you. A good question to ask is how can I get ahead in my studies? Do you know any good tutors?

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