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Science Study Tips

My professor complimented my human biology study techniques and asked me to be her TA. I did not have time to TA for her unfortunately, but I will share my study tips. I got my first A+ in this college class.

1. I did not read the chapters in their entirety because it was overwhelming and too time consuming.
2. I answered all of the review questions and made sure they were correct. I looked up answers online if the book didn't make sense.
3. I studied one or two chapters per week and stuck to it! I would not allow myself to hang out with friends until I finished my work.
4. I allowed myself 20 minute breaks and rewards (non-food) every 2 hours no matter how productive I had been. I set an alarm and wouldn't turn it off until I was actually studying again, to get me back on task.
5. I wrote out all of the vocabulary words and drew large (8.5x11) detailed pictures of any vocabulary word I could. I colored the various parts with colored pencils.
6. I also drew all of the book's pictures and rephrased their captions in my own words. Sometimes I would stare at the caption and the picture for 30 minutes until I felt I truly understood it.
7. I kept it fun by coloring and also using play-doh. Play-doh was an excellent study tool. I squeezed it to help me keep concentration while reading the in depth vocabulary words and reading to look for answers to the review questions.
8. I created all of the book's pictures with play-doh as well as the drawn pictures (#6). Play-doh was especially excellent for helping me understand the movement that occurs in human biology, i.e. the path our food takes or the way our blood flows.

What other subjects could benefit from these same study tips?

Learning should always be fun! Happy Studying!


Rachel H.

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