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Hello! This whole site is pretty new to me, but I wanted to briefly show my interests and experiences, as they are fairly diversified:

Sciences: As noted above, most of my experience is with chemistry. Organic Chemistry is my specialty, but I am also familiar with Inorganic Chemistry. I've been a Teaching Assistant for college freshman level courses through upper level chemistry courses. I started off as a Biology/Pre-med major, so courses like Physics and Biology are high on my understanding. Tutoring in most of the sciences will be my highest level of knowledge/experience.

Math: I was a mathematics minor as an Undergraduate, so I am very familiar with a fair amount of mathematics divisions. Calculus is fairly fresh, but I am most proficient with Algebra. I have a secret love of the mathematics, so tutoring math in some way would definitely be great.

Dance: I just noticed that dance was an option for the "subjects", so I listed it. I am a Lindy Hop dancer and have been for over 5 years. In addition, I have been learning different ballroom dances for the past 3 years. Overall, I have been social dancing for 8 years. I would be willing to teach some dance, but I do have some restrictions as to "what" I can teach.

Microsoft Office: As a Graduate Student, I had to learn many Microsoft office programs such as: WORD, EXCEL, and POWERPOINT. I am not an expert, per say, but I am very proficient with each program's use and capabilities. I would be willing to help out here.

Spanish: While as an Undergraduate, I was also a Spanish minor, so I am very familiar with writing, speaking, reading, some linguistics, and some history/culture. I'm still hoping to visit Spain someday!

I hope to hear from someone soon!

Chris D.


Christopher D.


10+ hours
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