History is the car by which we arrived here today

History can be intimidating for many students, especially because it doesn't seem to be related to anything in today's world. Actually, history is what brought us here today. Just think, you have a birthday--that's history (for some of us, ancient history :). You probably have some living family--that's also a lot of history. Then there are your grades from previous school years that allow you to study this year--history again. The presence of the VW auto plant in Chattanooga is a big part of history dating back to the Marshall Plan, Chattanooga's relationship with the German Moravians who settled here and even back to the time when the bombs and bullets used to fight Germany in World War Two were made on the same ground now occupied by the VW plant. What happened in history is what we live and breathe today, for better or for worse. But because it's like breathing, we take it for granted. I love history and hope to introduce you to its effects on you. Until then, best wishes for your success in life!


Everett M.

Doctorate earned, broad knowledge/experience base, adaptable teaching

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