Study Tips for Kicking Off the School Year!

Some study tips for math are actually not what you might expect.

I love sudoku puzzles and believe it or not, solving these puzzles on the most difficult level that I can manage helps my math solving skills exponentially. The way in which you solve sudoku is very much the same way you would solve a math problem; searching for patterns, trial and error in some cases (mainly the super hard ones), and strategy. Another game that has a very similar effect is cryptograms. They seem daunting at first, but fear not. A little bit of practice and you will be impressing friends in no time with your uncanny ability to decode!...and solve math problems lol! Honestly, any strategy games involving numbers are great. It gives you confidence when you see the numbers and not a sense of dread lol. Approaching a problem with a smile and eagerness definitely produces better results than disdain and chagrin.

A second, and I think the most important, tip I can give is... take breaks often when studying. There are so many studies done on why this method works. If you are curious beyond belief, I would definitely encourage you to do some research. You will find that when you use this method, you will retain the info you study a lot better and more completely. Repeating the info out loud helps (especially when doing problems) and trying to teach a peer what you have learned, even if you stumble through it, you will retain 100% of the info! Also lots of studies on that too.

The third study tip and yes, you have heard this one before... Practice, practice, practice. There is no other way to get good, better or great at something unless you practice. Think about something that you excel at... how did you get to the level you are at? Practice. Yes, your passion for the subject can go a long way, even genetics. But to truly rise above and be amazing (which you so are) is to....._______? You got it!

Hopefully that helps you in some way, whether big or small :D Just remember, you've got this. You've come this far, right? Keep your chin up and it's okay to reach out for help when you need it. That's what people like me are here for!


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