Some people do not like to write... at all! What if you were writing about something that has been on your mind? Or something that happened that made your day? Or about the things you want most in this world? A great avenue for these types of thoughts is a journal. I am not talking about a diary, although call it what you wish, but I am talking about a book that allows you to write whatever it is you are feeling or thinking without having to worry about proper grammar and spelling (even though it would not hurt to always try your best). This journal is a place to get your creative juices flowing by opening the flood gates of the written word that have always been inside you and you never even knew it. Now, it is wonderful to be able write what is on your mind, but it is even better to think about making it as descriptive as possible with the use of adjectives and similes or metaphors, or even onomatopoeia. And I know that these passages are only meant for your eyes, but what if you were to write in a way that would allow another reader (if there were supposed to be one) be able to feel your emotions through your words? This might make it even more fun to ultimately make yourself feel better. Writing in your journal can became part of your everyday routine, or just something you do when you feel like you have something to say. Moral of the story.... Go out and get yourself a simple composition book or spiral bound notebook, decorate it, hide it, and write in it whenever you have something to get off your chest, and here is the kicker... strengthen your creative writing skills in the process!


Holly H.

Questions about Reading, Writing or English? I am your answer!

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