Why did I start tutoring others?

My friend and I worked as a lab T.A's after our first year of college. At this time, multiple freshman students would approach us for study help. After tutoring individual students several times on our own, we decided to volunteer our time to set up regular General Biology tutoring hours in our science building. Biology was one of the most difficult pre-med classes for freshmen to complete. Half of our students would typically drop the class by the end of the year. It was also the only pre-med subject that did not have student tutoring available. By the end of our senior year we were teaching over 50 people each week, the majority of the students in the General Biology class. I had lot of fun teaching the class, making the students laugh, seeing the spark of interest ignite in their eyes about a subject I was so passionate about. I tried my hardest to make the information relevant and interesting to them. Tutoring helped me become much more confident speaking and connecting with a large audience. It helped me understand the foundations of my major. I became much better at explaining complicated topics. Most of all, tutoring helped me discover my own love of teaching and mentoring.


Vadim K.

General Science Tutor-College Grad.

20+ hours
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