Staying Motivated

Now that school is back in session, it is important to keep your elementary school kids interested and engaged in their new academic schedules coming off of three months of vacation and fun! But why shouldn't school be fun too? Try to make study and homework time more dynamic by switching up your methods as you help your child. For example, instead of just instructing your 1st grader with their addition and subtraction homework, pull out some M&Ms, Cheerios, or another favorite snack and use them as counting manipulatives. Not only will your student enjoy working with the promise of a tasty treat for right answers and hard work, but they will start to associate "math" time with "fun" time. Your student probably spends a large portion of their day at school indoors, so why not go outside to study spelling words instead of sitting at the kitchen table? Your student can write the words on the sidewalk with chalk and draw pictures to go with them as memory aids, all while enjoying some nice evening weather.

Remember, the more fun your child is having with their school work, the more you will be having as you help them!


Julia K.

Because learning should never be boring!

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