How do I keep students motivated during the summer?

To keep students motivated during the summer, I like to do hands-on activities that support lessons. Sometimes we'll do the lesson first, as in a science lesson, and then the student and I will do 1 or 2 experiments that helps with the understanding of the lesson.

In math, if we are working on money skills, I will have a few treats or prizes the student can purchase through earning "money" by completing tasks or assignments. Then the student can go to the "store" to select the item(2) they'd like to purchase. The student must then add the total cost of the item(s), and give the tutor representative money to pay for the item. Exact change? Not always possible. So, student, how much change should you get from that $20 you are giving your tutor? I also like to teach change making "the old fashioned way" as well as simple subtraction.


Lois P.

Miss Lois -- Elementary School Tutor

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