A little about me!

My name is Kayla and I've recently finished my Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Sussex in England. Before grad school I attended Western Kentucky University where I majored in chemistry and double minored in mathematics and criminology. While an undergrad I worked in the the chemistry stockroom making and standardizing stock solutions and samples for general chemistry labs. I also served as a teaching assistant for the labs and in my final year was given the opportunity to give several of the pre-lab lectures.

After graduation I decided to go to graduate school. I started my graduate career at the University of Tennessee. After only a year at UT my advisor accepted a position at the University of Sussex and asked me to change schools in order to continue my studies with him. My husband and I decided to do so and moved to England where our son was born while I was still in school.

While in grad school I taught discussion or workshop sessions that accompanied the General Chemistry courses as well as teaching General Chemistry Laboratories. The workshops were small classes between 12 and 30 students where we worked problems, students were encouraged to ask questions about things they didn't understand and I occasionally covered topics that there wasn't enough time for in the lecture. I also met with several of my students on a one-on-one basis or in small groups when they needed extra help. I also organized larger review sessions, most often a week or two prior to exams. During my time at Sussex I also taught the discussion for Numeracy Skills for Scientist which focused on the math skills that are needed by chemist from significant digits, algebra, and logarithms to calculus.

I am passionate about teaching and hope to pursue a career as a college professor, preferably at a small liberal arts school that is focused on teaching.

Please feel free to contact me if you think I might be the right tutor for you!


Kayla K.

PhD in Chemistry passionate about teaching

50+ hours
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