Questions You Should Ask A Tutor and the Tutor Should Ask You

As a parent you may be wondering, "How do I find a tutor for my child?" Here are a few questions to ask a tutor:

1. What is your prior experience in ?

2. How will you assess my child's needs?

3. What is your previous experience in education?

4. How will you work in collaboration with my child's teacher?

5. Can you come to my home? Or do I need to come to your location?

6. How flexible are you with your schedule? Is this something you only do part-time, or is this what you do?

Here is a list of some questions that a tutor should ask (not in any particular order):

1. What do you think would help your child be more successful?

2. What does the teacher say about how your child is doing up until now in the class?

3. How does your child feel about tutoring? What has he/she been saying about class?

4. How has your child done in previous math courses? When did she/he start struggling?

5. Do you have a copy of the syllabus for the class?

6. Can I see the previous assessments before I begin to work with your students?


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