Learn how to be a Poker Stud!!!

Have you ever seen an exciting, pulse-pounding poker game going on at one of south Florida's many luxurious casinos that just steals the attention of everyone in the area? Or how about the heart-stopping action being broadcasted Live on ESPN from The World Series of Poker? Silence occurs throughout the room as ALL the stakes are on the line; only sheer skill (..a touch of luck) will get you through the intensity to go All-In and take the win! You can be the center of all that action!

My name is Nick K. I am a Poker Dealer, certified by the Florida Department of Education; I am also an avid, skillful poker player and awesome tutor. I have hosted over 200 house-size poker tournaments and played in numerous professional casino tournaments and WSOP events. So wither you're new to the game and want to learn the basics, are in need some practice for upcoming events, or if you’re aspiring to become a poker dealer and are seeking tips and pointers; I can customize your session to adhere to the experience that you are looking for. I can also deal poker at small events or parties. I am very experienced and specialize in Texas Hold 'em, but I can also elaborate on Omaha, Blackjack, Tahoe, Pineapple and some other small house card games. The duration of poker tutoring sessions vary and are based on the subject matter of your preference

Hourly Rates and Cancellation Policy

The rate of $65 per hour is the single-student rate. Special prices are available for multiple hour lessons: $125 for 2hr sessions & $175 for a 3hr crash course into the world of poker., Group rates vary; in the instance of organized special events (i.e. poker dealing at parties and special events). Alternative rates vary by circumstance and are to be discussed and agreed upon prior to scheduling an appointment. I require (24) hours prior notification in the event of a cancellation; a cancellation notice of less than 24 hours but more than 12 hours will result in a cancellation fee of (.5) hours. A cancellation notice of less than 12 hours, or a 'no-show' to scheduled tutoring session will result in a cancellation fee equal to (1) hour or one-half of the total scheduled allotted time for the appointment cancelled; whichever amount is greater.


Nick K.

Poker Dealer & Tutor

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