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Winter Break is approaching.. How will you remember everything you learned?!

So as Winter Break quickly approaches, I'm sure many parents are checking grades and many students are upset about their winter packets. But there is a positive aspect to this...

First of all, I HIGHLY encourage ALL parents to check their child/children's grades before returning to school. January is the half- way point through the school year, and being aware of their progress (or lack of) will give them time to work harder and bring their grades up before the year comes to an end.

I know that students are very annoyed by their winter assignments, but I would encourage everyone to get it done as soon as possible in order to enjoy their break.

My last suggestion is to review the packets before returning back to school because the material will be fresh in their minds. Even if you aren't given a packet or homework assignment in relation to the material taught in class before the Winter Break, I think it's best for the students to review the last assignments completed before Winter Break.

Study hard!

I wish everyone a great holiday season and a blessed New Year!



Michelle C.

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