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Anybody writing last minute papers for the 9- weeks grading period? How about writing college admissions essays? Or writing a paper for finals in college? The best way to write a paper or essay is twice! Sounds odd, right? I know. But there is ALWAYS room for improvement so it's actually a perfect method to writing a paper or essay. The first time you write it, you can write it semi- specific (using acronyms, abbreviations, and in less detail). The second time you write it, you should create a structure for the paper and follow it! Always include a brief introduction, a sophisticated and detailed body, and a strong conclusion. Your introduction should include an eye- catching opening, background information about the topic you're discussing, and a powerful thesis. Your body paragraph(s) should include specific examples and details supporting your thesis. Your conclusion should include a creative closing that will leave your reader in your favor, rather than being confused. Don't leave the reader on the edge of a cliff.

Here are a few pointers when writing:

1. Don't ramble.
2. Use adjectives, and lots of them!
3. Hellooooo? Punctuation!
4. Don't write a wishy- washy paper. It should flow.
5. Figurative language is always a good thing to add (metaphors, similes, anaphora, alliteration, idioms, personification, hyperboles, and anything else you can think of).
Most importantly....
6. Check your work and revise any mistakes you find!

When proofreading papers, the most common mistakes I find are spelling errors and incorrect comma usage.

As always, keep faith in yourself. Be yourself, and make the reader know who you are.

Best of luck!



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