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Preparing for a Math test 24- 48 hours before...

Hi there!

Today, I'll be writing to advise students the best ways to prepare for math tests a few days before the test takes place.

First of all, studying and reviewing should be done in intervals. It is a terrible idea to jam a study session of multiple sections or chapters at one time. My advice is to break down the material in thirds. For example, if your test is Chapters 6-9, review the material of each chapter individually. After completing one chapter, take a break.

Another study tip is to use different methods of studying. For example, if your test is going to be on the vocabulary of the chapters, create flashcards. If your test is multiple choice or fill in the blank, make sure to do several examples from each section, not just the easiest ones. This will ensure you understand the concept being tested.

Additionally, and I cannot say this enough, CHECK YOUR WORK! I've tutored several students in the past couple of years who completely understand the work they're doing but get the problem incorrect because they don't check their work. Remember: Just one wrong number is unfortunately one wrong answer.

Above all, believe in yourself. Setting a goal will compose a finish line in the student's mind and will encourage them to do well. Study intently and have faith that you'll succeed.

Good luck!!!

Michelle C.



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