Mr. A's background and teaching style conclusion

(note: some of my original post did not appear, so I have reposted the conclusion here)

So, in a nutshell, my philosophy on teaching is this: It’s not the teaching that is most important, it’s inspiring! A lot of people have the gift to teach, but if you don’t inspire your student to want to have a lifelong thirst for knowledge have you really done your job?

What students learn from me is how to think for themselves, how to reason their way to a solution, that everyone is fallible, even teachers, to have a desire to strive toward perfection in their work (something to desire but not something to kill themselves over while trying to reach), to do the very best that they can in everything they do, and most of all, have fun while doing it.

I know I have accomplished this when my students don’t need me anymore!


Randy A.

Math and Test Prep

20+ hours
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