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10 Reasons Why You Should Learn Adobe Illustrator

1. You can freely express ideas. You have the freedom to create your own designs.

2. You can create logos. Using the pen tool, you can create shapes for your logo.

3. You can draw objects. Objects and drawings could be done realistically in Adobe Illustrator.

4. You can draw cartoons. Cute cartoon characters used for whatever purposes can be done in Illustrator.

5. You can draw icons. You can easily draw icon graphics using different shapes.

6. You can draw maps. You can create maps using the line and pen tool to draw lines and shapes.

7. You can draw info graphics. You can create graphs and pie charts by simply entering data and figures.

8. You can resize with good quality. you can resize vector images and scale them without losing the quality.

9. You can print with color separations. In printing, there are times when color separations are needed.

10. You can save vector EPS files. EPS files make it easy to print sharp outputs.

Adobe Illustrator can actually be used for just about anything pertaining to design. It certainly gives you the freedom to express your creativity through different artworks. So, if you are not yet using Adobe Illustrator, why not learn it now?



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