Kinesthetic learners VS. Visual learners

Being a visual teacher, I understand the effects of visual stimulation on brain development and utilize imagery where appropriate to enhance learning. I also utilize graphic, image-rich technologies in my teaching and understand the advantages and disadvantages of various visual technologies and try to use them appropriately. I avoid passive learning and bridge the gap between seeing and doing. I often create assignments and activities that allow students to develop and apply their visual information and handling skills.

Kinesthetic learners Tips
Take study breaks often
Use large paper when learning
Read stories that are filled with action
Highlight information when learning
Keep moving, but don't misbehave
Participate in activities that use a lot of energy like, running errands & walking
Move about while studying
When learning a new skill repeat it several times step by step

Visual learners Tips
Draw or write on in large, colorful spaces
Doodling while listening can be helpful
Underline and highlight information and draw pictures to associate the information
Use colored pencils when you are writing so your notes
Use as many pictures as possible
Read books with pictures and descriptive words
Make lists list of items to jog your memory


Susan E.

Art/Drawing/Portfolio Prep/College TUTOR/TEACHER - Ages 13-18 ONLY

100+ hours
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