Presentation Books - Weigh Your Options

Many of my students are stumped when it comes to deciding what type of folio book to use to present their artwork for college admissions. Many schools require hi-res image uploads to specific sites where they can view you portfolio online. It is also a wise choice to have hardcopies of your work neatly and strategically placed into a presentation book. This blog will help you to decide what kind of book you might want to use.

While there is no one best solution, each has its own advantages and disadvantages over the others. The easiest way to decide which presentation books are the most appropriate for your art is to first rank by importance the following criteria: cost, protection from damage, ease of use, and clarity. Once you have established the relative importance of these factors, choosing the right book becomes easy.

Size Matters. One of the first decisions you need to make before creating a portfolio is to choose the format in which you will be presenting your work. Most colleges have size requirements and restrictions, so be sure to visit the websites of the schools you are interested in applying to. Though this is not an absolute must, ideally all of your prints should be of the same format. The best approach is to print everything on the format required for your largest work.

If you plan to carry and present your work in person, going with a larger book, and in portrait, may be a good choice. If, however, you will be mailing your book people will be handling and storing it without you present, a smaller standard, like portrait book might be a better choice.

A screw-post portfolio is better than a spiral-ring binder. It’s easy to turn the pages of a screw-post presentation book, which offers a virtually seamless design. I also recommend a book of about 15 to 20 images.

I prefer black pages for mounting the prints of your artwork onto. A small description on each piece of art is also recommended with the size of the original art, the medium used and in white type. The way to achieve this is to use a simple text box in black and add white type in a word document and then cut out and mount it onto the page under the art.

Some key words to use when searching online for the perfect presentation book: Hand bound books, custom handmade journals, photo albums, sketchbooks, guest books, screw post presentation books.

One last thought, get creative, the book can be a piece of art as well!


Susan E.

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