COURSE OUTLINE: Preparing A Portfolio For College Admissions

COURSE OUTLINE: Preparing A Portfolio For College Admissions

2 hr - 6 week Instructional

Important Steps:

1. Contact first choice and back-up colleges admissions departments to obtain their particular portfolio and admissions requirements. The required content of the portfolio may differ from college to college and each school's criteria should be followed as closely as possible.

2. Examples of requirements:

Required content
Original art, slides or digital portfolio
Size limitations
Amount of pieces (generally 12 to 20)
Application deadlines

3. Abilities often found within a portfolio:
Most work is done in pencil, charcoal, or other drawing mediums, but it can also include painting and collage.

Drawing from observation – Still life, figure model, portrait or landscape as accurately as possible. (Taken from real life, not a photo or your imagination)

Work in color – Conveying an understanding of color through pastels, watercolor, oils or acrylics.

Design work – Ability to think conceptually and or abstractly through collages and 3 -dimensional works.

Personal art – Done outside of the classroom to portray your own personal style

Other media – Media that is unique might be jewelry making, photography, pottery, etc.

Homework – Some schools might even give a home exam and ask you to draw something specific.

Presenting Your Portfolio:

1. Consider presenting your portfolio the same as being on an interview. Presentation is very important.

2. DO NOT include torn or poorly kept work!

3. Organize your portfolio with strongest piece first and the next strongest piece at the end.

4. Avoid anything that may be viewed as a cliche. Disney characters, sunsets, super-heroes, models and work that is not original.

5. Sometimes sketchbooks are required to be submitted alongside your portfolio.

6. Give yourself plenty of time to prepare your portfolio (as much as the entire senior year and summer pre-college year), but make sure you include your best and most recent works.

7. Make sure your work is as finished and complete as possible.

8. If mailing portfolios make sure you make an extra print-out or disk copy and send with “return receipt requested” to ensure delivery.

We will spend six weeks building basic skills in drawing, color and design. Your artwork reflects who you are as an artist, your motivation and self-discipline. Getting accepted to a college level art program will give you the chance to produce and showcase your own work.


Susan E.

Art/Drawing/Portfolio Prep/College TUTOR/TEACHER - Ages 13-18 ONLY

100+ hours
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