Aquent HTML5 Summer of Learning

This past month I was invited to participate in Aquent's "Summer of Learning" program for HTML5. It was not only informative but very thought-provoking.

In this day and age with jobs so hard to come by for some people, and other's fighting tooth and nail (or so it seems) for a single position, I understand that many recruiting offices need to find ways to "train" or "rate" their candidates. Aquent wants to give their clients the best possible job candidates. They want to find their pool of job-seekers employment. What Aquent came up with was brilliant!

They offered a specifics-only, crash course in HTML5 for folks who had previous experience with coding and designing for websites. After such, they joined with another company that provided a customizable test. Those who jumped at the chance got a refresher in the changes in html5 and the needs of the current internet users. Aquent now has a certified pool of candidates. Their clients can now be sure of the candidates. Win-Win-Win!

Brilliant, just brilliant!


Hope B.

Classic Art, Animation, Web Design, & General Studies Tutoring

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