How do you keep students motivated during the summer months?

Make it fun and applicable to something that interests them! For example, cooking with mom or dad is a perfect time for a math, reading, writing, and/or science it is time spent with one another. Cooking involves math with measurements...have them measure out the water & if the recipe calls for 1 cup ask them how many 1/4 cups make up 1 cup, or if you take 1/4 cup away how much is left. Cooking involves reading...have the child read you the recipe and question them on what preheat means or have them spell words after they have read them. If Christmas is coming up, have your children pick out some favorite recipes of theirs and have them write them out so to make customized recipe books for presents...not only is it a writing lesson but it is a wonderful and personal gift they can make while adding creative artwork. Last, cooking can involve science as well...when mixing powders and liquids what do you get, what happens if you add oil to water, what happens if you add one food coloring & then another, etc. Keep it simple, but make it fun and something that not ONLY interests them, but makes a lasting memory/impression as well!!


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