Do you want to succeed in your math class??

So, you say you want to succeed in your math class. That's great, but some times it's hard to 'believe' that you can succeed in your math class. My time spent in classrooms teaching math has taught me that when students believe that they are able to succeed, they are willing to put it the work, and they have support around them to do so, great strides happen!

According to my formula, you need; 1) to believe you can succeed. 2) must be willing to do the work. And 3) you need support. First let's address how we get you to believe. My suggestion here starts with the FUNDAMENTALS! If you're teacher is teaching about factoring a polynomial, or the derivative of a function, and you don't know that the GCD of 72 and 32 is 8 or x cubed is x times x times x, your going to struggle! You have to know the fundamentals, and the concepts. You might be asking yourself, "What are the fundamentals?" If you’re in a Pre Algebra class or higher, you better know your basics. Be sure you can knock out a 12 by 12 multiplication table in 5 minutes or less. If I'm your tutor, I will suggest exactly that if I think you are not strong in that category. Also, I want you to know what a fraction is, and how to add, subtract, multiply and divide them. Hey, we teach this stuff in elementary school because it's IMPORTANT!!! Here's another fundamental; can you add, subtract, multiply, and divide with positive and negative numbers?? How about decimals? If not, make an effort to learn these things on your own. This brings us to #2, "Are you willing to put in the work??" Find a website that has games teaching the fundamentals. Get help from your friend that gets A's in math.

What happens if you're still struggling? That's when you look for support. Start here; your friends, your teacher, tutoring hours, or your parents. Remember, you believe you can succeed, and you're willing to work. If you need more support, that's when you contact me! I will teach you the concepts and help you to believe in yourself so you can succeed in your math class. Be confident. Be successful. You can do it!


Charles R.

Credentialled Math Teacher

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