Is your ASVAB or AFCT tutor qualified?

Today I browsed through all the the "ASVAB" tutors here on WyzAnt and there's one thing they all have in common-none of them have actually worked for the military teaching GT Prep courses. Most of the tutors are Math, Reading, and Vocabulary instructors who decided to take WyzAnt's ASVAB qualification test but they have no experience with the military or the actual ASVAB or AFCT itself.

Don't believe me? Filter the tutors in the Killeen area using the subject "ASVAB"; then read the profiles of the tutors listed. Some feel they are qualified because they have taken the ASVAB (not the same as KNOWING the ASVAB) and others simply believe that if they can tutor Math, Vocab, and Reading that they are qualified to tutor you for the exam.

The ASVAB and the AFCT are extremely important to your career. If you are joining the military, it will determine the MOS (Military Occupational Specialty; AKA job) that is offered to you. If you are already active-duty, it can open the door to another MOS and allow you to reclassify.

I am sure that the many other instructors on WyzAnt are great at what they do, but before contacting them for tutoring, look at their Vitae. If they have not taught in a military environment and cannot tell you what the ASVAB covers (in detailed math, reading, and vocabulary concepts), then you need to find someone who can.

For myself, I can say that I have taught and currently teach in the military GT Prep program-with my own class, within the military environment. I have all the materials and an expert understanding of what is on the exam and what it takes to increase your score.

Verify a tutor's qualifications before you commit! Their qualifications, knowledge, and experience are extremely important.



Hi Joy,
I am a long-time tutor with Wyzant and, previously, with University Instructors. I’ve been tutoring students to take standardized tests including the GRE, SAT, PRAXIS, and ASVAB. With each student, I research the most up-to-date information available, and subscribe to a variety of resources to make sure that I am aware of the newest changes in focus, content, and scoring.
I’ve not served in the military, but my dad was an Army Reserve officer. I am an educator, and my value is in helping students review and prepare for standardized tests that assess their content knowledge. 
I highly respect your qualifications to tutor this test. Please share advice to make us stronger tutors.


Joy R.

Certified Teacher and Professional, Experienced ASVAB/AFCT Instructor

20+ hours
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