Success for Students on the AFCT

I had three students test last week and each scored a GT above the 110 level (the desired level for your choice of MOS)-Two received 112 and one was 118. The students worked hard and continued to reach for that goal. They all started in the 90's and over the course of four weeks, their scores were improved drastically.

Come work with me to see how I can help you reach your goal!


On November, I will be taking the asvab once again. My third time taking it. I felt so confident that i was going to pass the asvab but i failed. I studied so much to get AFCT 11. I want to know what I did wrong. I understand math (arithmetic reasoning ) but for some reason I failed that portion as well Reading comprehension and word knowledge was other reason that I failed. I was tutoring with a study group at the office but they weren't helpful. This test is extremely important for me I don't only want to join the marines but also work for the police department or special forces with my criminal justice degree what I want to pursue. I want to know what I am doing wrong and have a better understanding to pass the test and leave to bootcamp 


Joy R.

Certified Teacher and Professional, Experienced ASVAB/AFCT Instructor

20+ hours
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