A helpful study tip, set to music

Have you ever considered how many lyrics you know? How about how many songs you recognize on the radio? Did you study those?

The answer is likely a resounding no. Unless you're a singer for a job or hobby it is very unlikely that you study the lyrics to music but you learn them nonetheless. This is because our brains respond to the patters found in music, particularly when the lyrics rhyme.

Almost every single thing you learn in school has some sort of process or steps that make it easier to do and remember, especially math. If you can find a way to set your steps to music that you enjoy or if you study to music without words (this time the lyrics are actually a hindrance because you mix those words up with what you're studying in your subconcious) you can use that to your advantage come test day. If you study the same material to the same piece of background music you can recall the music you were listening too and it will help tie your memory to the steps.

Consider the ability to pull from your memory pythagorean's theorum by listening to the same piece of Bach; or the ability to check your writing with the COPS method because you learned all those steps set to Old MacDonald Had a Farm. Music can be an excellent study tool when implemented appropriately into our routines. Just remember, when it comes to studying, lose the pop music and lyrics!

Happy Learning!


Adriann E.

Licensed Special Education Teacher interested in Tutoring

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