Homework from Tutoring

Kids are already struggling to learn what is necessary when parents reach the point of getting a tutor for them. While I may often suggest things parents can do with their children to help them with the skills they are struggling with, I rarely give homework. With that said, there are often scripted reading programs that require homework as part of the actual program itself. When this happens I will provide the parents/students with the homework created by the developers. I cannot, in good faith, profess to be teaching a program designed to help your child without making use of all the pieces it has.

Also, for students who are capable of working independently, say a high school student in AP Calculus, I may assign a few additional problems to help. Generally, these types of high achieving students simply needed the work presented in a different way and once they have the lesson, a few practice problems are great for helping them internalize and retain the information in the correct manner. Keep in mind, it is most likely in these cases an instance where there are actual classroom teacher issues more than that your child cannot do the work. Often times teachers only know one or two ways to present advanced topics and the students either get it or they don't. That's where I come in. I have the ability to strategize with your child and their learning style in order to present basic through advanced concepts in new and innovative ways designed to help them achieve their full learning potential.

Homework isn't always a necessity, but it does have its place in both schools and tutoring situations.


Adriann E.

Licensed Special Education Teacher interested in Tutoring

10+ hours
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