Molecular Model Kits are great for visual learners!

Chemistry is not a easy subject to conquer. For every rule there are hand-full of exceptions that must be remembered. When compared to the periodic table, Organic Chemistry should seem relatively easy to handle seeing as it mainly deals with one specific atom. Carbon :). But unfortunately it is not that simple. Carbon is a very complex atom. When you think about it this atom is present in ALL life on our planet. Carbon has the potential to form giant molecules and chains, like DNA. The best approach to studying and learning organic chemistry is to treat it like learning another language and culture. Carbon behaviors in certain ways in certain situations. Naming the structures formed by carbon and other molecule(s) is like learning a new language in the sense that you need to learn the process of naming and the actual IUPAC names for certain functional groups and molecules.

Helpful Tips for Studying:
-Use molecular modeling kits when studying structure, strains, resonance, isomers, chirality, and enantomers.
-OWL is a great website for practice problems and tests
-When studying reaction mechanisms use a white board/chalk board with different colored chalk or markers. Use specific colors for specific atoms and electrons consistently. Always count electrons and atoms at the end to make sure you didn't loose one or add one :) **Matter cannot be created or destroyed**
-Khanacadmey is a great resource for on the spot review of specific topics


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