How To Keep Motivation High During Summer Months

While students are on their summer vacation the last thing they want to do is study. The key to motivating students is to make learning activities fun and engaging.

Instead of trying to get a child to sit still at the kitchen table with a worksheet, why not head to the nearest park and practice spelling words with a classic game of horse (or in this case a game of train, nail, etc)? For a competitive math game try writing a math problem on the driveway with water and challenging your student to solve it before the water dries up under the hot Texas sun.

If it's a particularly hot day and the air conditioning just feels too good to leave, have students practice writing by creating a play. Whether it's a one man show or a story that requires costumes and the casting of your entire family, your child will be strengthening their writing, storytelling and comprehension skills without even realizing it!

Also, never underestimate the power of play. Especially for young children, playing increases both gross and fine motor skills as well as self regulation. When playing with others students are improving social skills that they will need in order to have effective relationships in school and in life.

Keeping brains sharp during the summer doesn't have to be a chore. Contact me if you are interested in a session or if you have any questions.


Karissa E.

Karissa - Certified Elementary Teacher, All Subjects K-6

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