LA Hackathon 5

Yesterday I participated in LA Hackathon 5. For those readers who don't know, a hackathon is a gathering of programmers together to help each other out on computer coding projects. Usually, these projects are "open source". That means that the programs that are being created are given away, freely to the public, and that even the raw computer code, the source code, is available to anyone. That has two great benefits: One, if you are trained in read code, then you can see exactly what the program is being told to do, line by line, symbol, by symbol. Two, if you would like to change, usually enhance, what the program does then you can do so. You just get a copy of the code, and add your own new lines of code to it.

So, in my case I paired up with a physics graduate student, and we worked on creating a visual aid web page that thought certain concept surrounding the idea of a quantum computer ( We discovered a powerful 3D graphics tool that works right in the Chrome web browser. It was called THREE.js. It was a very valuable and productive day.


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