August 6, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

It is an honor to recommend Mrs. Kathryn C. for any teaching position for which she is qualified in your state. I have had the privilege of learning and teaching alongside Mrs. Cooper over the past nine years, first as classmates at Concordia College in Moorhead, MN, then as members of the American String Teachers Association, and most recently as private music instructors and licensed professionals within the Fargo Public Schools (Fargo, ND). She has earned my respect as a fellow scholar, teaching colleague, and friend.

Kathryn brings to the table both her passion for an organized, high-quality learning environment as well as compassion for each individual student and his or her needs. She has been an active member of ASTA since her college days, keeping up-to-date with new teaching strategies and practices. Mrs. C. also maintains a successful private teaching studio for violin and viola students, further making positive connections with young musicians and their parents alike. In the classroom, students are impacted by her ability to adapt to the needs of individuals while challenging and engaging the group as a whole. Personally, she challenges herself as a musical scholar and performer, taking part in church music ensembles and pushing forward with classical solo repertoire.

Kathryn is an expert communicator, which promotes solid relationships among students, administrators, parents and other staff members alike. During my tenure as an Orchestra director at Ben Franklin Middle School in Fargo, ND, Kathryn covered my classes during an absence of mine. She went above and beyond writing the official substitute teaching report and provided me with personal phone conversations to make sure neither I nor my students missed a beat while I was away. Her emails were always prompt and direct, and her tone sincere and pleasant. Although she was subbing, often in a different building each day, she managed to build a positive reputation with the principals and secretaries, exhibiting a consistency that put her in high demand at schools district-wide.

While Mrs. C.’s expertise is music and the arts, she has entered many diverse classrooms and content areas with poise, successfully carrying out the teacher’s wishes while adding a touch of her own creativity where it fits. She is able to adapt where necessary, all the while pressing forward with the curriculum. In every environment I have observed her, she has also been able to expertly maintain appropriate respect and discipline structures. Simply put, when Kathryn teaches, students learn, love learning and feel safe doing so.

I believe Mrs. Kathryn C. to be an exemplary educator, musician, and person with the utmost integrity. She will certainly bring quality and joy to the learning of any classroom. Please contact me if I can be of further assistance to you.


Kelly A.
Music Educator/Mentor


Kathryn C.

Music, reading, spelling, writing, etc K-9th

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