Affective Domain Education and Emotional Intelligence

The primary focus on most educational institutions is to help students gain and expand knowledge. This is achieved by placing emphasis on cognitive domain learning, or IQ development. In doing so, the theoretical base, teaching philosophy, learning objectives, lesson plans and learning tools, and assessments help develop student's IQ, or base knowledge.

In contrast, there are studies and scholars who suggest that EI or Emotional Intelligence is a better indicator of success, personally, professionally, and spiritually. Then, why is affective domain learning less emphasized in most educational institutions, especially K-12? There are as many philosophies as opinions on this, just as there are on the long-term affects, or lack thereof. I will reserve my opinions, until after you share yours.

There are further studies that suggest a possible link between an unbalanced educational system and poor human development. Yet, the full affects of affective domain learning, or lack thereof, is not seriously explored until adulthood in college. There is irony between what a student needs to succeed (educationally), how it positively impacts them and society vs., what our educational system is providing.

Any thoughts?


Cynthia T.

Professional brainiac committed to facilitating student learning

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