My experiences that affected my choices

I attended college at Calvary Bible College for one semester, back in '90. I went there because I had newly returned to the United States after graduating from high school in Quito, Ecuador. I did not return to the US upon graduation, as most other graduates from my class, because my sister was planning to get married in October and my parents didn't have enough money to go to the US twice in one year, in June and then October. So, I began my college years one semester after the rest of my classmates. Since I had not lived in the US for a while,it was decided that I would go to where my sister was going to settle, in Kansas City, MO. My parents thought that it was a good decision, to be around family. For that semester, I focused on Bible classes and History, getting used to the college scene, living and working on campus. It was a good experience to start out, but I wanted to go west. Dad was from Oregon and I had relatives out there, so I moved out there to another college campus, Western Baptist college, again to live and work on campus while taking classes. I majored in Elementary Education and minored in Biblical studies. I took all the Elementary education courses and passed them. All that I lacked was student teaching, but by that time my parents were planning to return to Colombia and I did not want to be left behind with people that I hardly knew. So, I made the decision to apply to become a short-term missionary with Wycliffe Bible translators, the mission of my parents. They accepted me. Living in the big city of Bogota was a big change for me but I learned to get around by bus and worked as a receptionist/data entry secretary, as well as a librarian in an English school, El Camino Academy. I took a few courses to get up to speed in Spanish. So, living in Bogota and constantly "rubbing elbows" with the people, I picked up Spanish and helped others in learning English.



Melissa L.

Spanish/English Made Easier

100+ hours
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