Why a Biblical studies minor?

I majored in Elementary Education and minored in Biblical studies. I took all the courses required to become a teacher, but I did not get certified with the state, in my case, Oregon. Growing up, I have excelled in Biblical studies, having grown up on the mission field in Colombia and being surrounded by Bible translators, it was kind of inevitable. I not only had Bible as a course every single year, I also had Spanish. And because we lived beside a lake, we also had swimming included in the P.E. curriculum. Oh, the benefits of growing up an MK. As an adult, I returned to Colombia because I did not feel like I belonged here in the US without my parents present and I never did bond with my extended family. So, down in Colombia, I had to apply for a workers visa, with a specific job in mind. Teaching English was the easiest, least costly visa I could get. It was challenging and fun teaching executives English, focusing on pronunciation and sentence structure, as they had a large vocabulary. They were so motivated, unlike the high schoolers that only studied in order to pass the test, not for personal gain. The Bible studies came into use as I plugged into women's Bible studies in Spanish. It sure helps in communication when the native speaker can repeat back to you what s/he understand about what you have said so that there is no misunderstanding. many married couples are that way also and it helps households run smoother.



Melissa L.

Spanish/English Made Easier

100+ hours
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