GED test anxiety

I tutor a GED student who has passed all her GED tests except for Math. She does well reviewing but she says she gets very nervous and sweaty when trying to test. I told her to try listening to some relaxing music while practicing and then while trying the test again.

Has anyone found other strategies that work for math anxiety?


With math questions, the student can follow a pretty simple plan. First, skim the whole math section for easy questions and answer those first (builds confidence). Now go back to the others. Before trying to work any problem, look at the possible answers to see if any jump out as not good candidates and cross them out. Work the problem carefully and show all steps (invaluable when re-checking work). If your answer is exactly the same as one of the choices, be confident in your work and select the answer. If you are close to one of the answers, double check your work. A careless mistake like accidentally changing a + to a - will really change the answer and the correct one may not be even close to what you originally found. Building confidence is key. Once a student starts doubting their own abilities, they head down a slippery slope.


Raymond R.

Math and general tutor

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