Getting Started With WyzAnt

I have just started with the WyzAnt Tutoring site and am finding it very helpful in getting everything set up. Even though I have been tutoring and teaching for several years, I want to expand my tutoring horizons and my online search discovered WyzAnt.

The site walked me through selecting my subjects, and the tests were quite thorough in making sure I had an excellent understanding of the subject matter. There is nothing worse than choosing a tutor who has less knowledge of the matter at hand than you do! I would not feel comfortable trying to tutor a student in a topic I was not proficient in, so my students can rest assured I am competent in my listed subjects. If I need to brush up on information to best help one of my students, then I will definitely do so.

It has been less than a week and I have set up my profile, tested in my chosen subjects and created my subject descriptions. I have applied for 8 positions to date in English, ESL and TOEFL prep and look forward to hearing back from the prospective students soon. I realize it is difficult to put your trust in a new tutor, but I need just one open-minded family or student to give me a try to find that I am extremely patient and willing to adapt my lessons to the student's needs.

I look forward to helping bring out the best in you!



Kristin G.

English and ESL Teacher with Overseas Experience

100+ hours
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