Tips To Overcome Your Fear Of Public Speaking

Fear of public speaking rates higher than fear of death... that's a huge ball of FEAR to walk around with! Yet, some form of public speaking is often necessary in the workplace. You might not be giving speeches at your job, but giving a sales presentation, a monthly report, or contributing at a weekly office meeting is not uncommon.

So how do you avoid getting tongue tied when it is your turn to speak? How do you appear confident and knowledgeable when presenting?

My simplest answer is that it takes practice.

So how do you overcome your FEAR of public speaking? My answer to this is that you DON'T, but you CAN learn to deal with it, and you can learn to deal with it so well that fear will no longer hold you back from speaking in front of a room of people.

My 1st Tip:

Recognize that FEAR of public speaking is something that you have been CONDITIONED to feel. Your body has been conditioned to feel it: sweaty palms, rapid heart rate, difficulty breathing. The good news is: anything that you have been conditioned to feel you can also be conditioned to NOT to feel. Think of it as a NEW exercise for your body, an exercise that takes some practice. Think of me as an exercise coach, I'll help you to condition your body to respond differently.

Public speaking can be fun, or at least a little LESS scary.

Your public speaking coach & cheerleader,
Patty S.


Patty S.

Motivational Public Speaking, Communication and Leadership Specialist

20+ hours
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