Anatomy is fun!!!!

Many students struggle with the details of anatomy. I suggest breaking the body down into small parts and finding creative ways to remember the parts. You can make up acronyms, songs, sentences, or whatever works for you. The key to understanding is to not overload your brain. If you make flashcards for each anatomy section and quiz yourself repeatedly, it will be as if you are taking a test over and over. It breaks down the learning process into easy, manageable steps. I do not suggest purchasing the flashcards that are sold in bookstores or on line because sometimes they have too much information on them to remember. Plus, if you make your own, you are actually learning while making the cards because you are having to create your own questions and answers. Another advantage to flashcards is it makes studying on the go easier!

If you need advice or assistance in this area, let me know. I am a phone call away!!!


Laura W.

Patient and Knowledgeable Tutor for the unique student

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