Julie's First WyzAnt Blog Post

Well, students, here I am! I am fresh from Wichita, KS and awaiting tutoring opportunities in the Seattle, WA area. Just to get the ball rolling, I will create weekly blogs that include little snippets of knowledge relating to foreign languages. Here's this week's: a good quote in several languages...

(Quote form
"Make a habit of two things: to help; or at least to do no harm." ~ Hippocrates

auf Deutsch:
"Machen Sie eine Gewohnheit zu zwei Dingen: zu helfen; oder mindestens keinem Schaden zuzufügen."

in Italiano:
"Prendere l'abitudine di due cose: aiutare; o almeno di non nuocere."

en Español:
"Haga un hábito de dos cosas: ayudar; o al menos no hacer daño."

en francés:
"Faites une habitude de deux choses : aider; ou au moins ne faire aucun mal."

Can you see some similarities in the different languages? Let me know and have a great week!


French, Italian and Spanish are like brothers in the grammar construction.


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