My Sociology Experience During My College Years

I remember on graduating high school in May 2008 and after four years later, I've recently graduated with a BA in Sociology with a minor in media arts on May 2012. After taking a course called "Social Problems" in high school, I thought that it may be worth majoring in it. I love learning about new things everyday, around our everyday society. Society, can be my favorite word.

Sociology isn't just a definition of learning about the society, but there are many topics in relation to that like: Politics (my favorite), Government, love, relationships, dating, marriages, divorces, social media, celebrities, tabloids, news, sports, stratification, history of every country in the world and how the government is troubling them, history, same sex marriages, sexual activity and so much more.

I remember my exams and how I would mainly gets B's on them. But not until the middle of my junior and senior year of college, I got between a 93-100% on every exam. Sociology research papers take a lot of time and dedication, and I remember getting mostly B's and C's ... and it may seem like its easy, but some professors are tough and they are expecting a lot of you. Especially using scholarly sources to figure out your sociology question and eventually find your thesis - that is an answer to what question that you are asking. Until I've reached my senior..I was very surprised that I have gotten 100% on my research papers - knowing that all this time I have finally paid attention, especially when it comes down to little details. My school was not easy like most universities, it was a tough school with tough classes. But I made it through.

Sociology was a very much interest to me, but focusing more of my minor in media arts, I'm taking my path to the next level. I am starting a job training for TV reporting this September, in hopes to one day become a sports reporter or an entertainment reporter.

I remember looking through the options of what kind of jobs that sociology majors are out there ... in one source ... I can do communications or like TV or magazine writing ... Instead ... I am working as a online reporter/writer for examiner and as a stepping stone of what I'm going to do with my career.

If you are wondering what you want to do with sociology..there are mainly options, but for the highest paying jobs ... I recommend going to graduate school.

If you need any help with sociology, I can do all grade levels, especially college.


Kirsten Nicole T.

History, Music, Sociology, Psychology, ACT Prep, Politics

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