Typically, there are two types of students...

In my experience as a tutor, and this goes all the way back to my time at the University of Oklahoma (2001), I have noticed that, generally speaking, there are 2 types of students. The students who are really intelligent and just need something to get them over the top (call them Group A for the sake of this discussion) and those students who are incredibly lost and are just hoping to pass (Group B, though the letter designation is not related to grade or anything like that). I used to think that those students in Group A were more difficult to tutor. My rationale was that the amount of knowledge I can bestow on a student that's already likely to get a B in a class is much lower than the amount of knowledge I can give to someone who's like to get a D. While that may be true, it turns out that the students in Group A are also more likely to ask questions than those in Group B. Usually, this is because the students in Group A have a general idea of what's going on in the class...which allows them to ask pointed questions rather than the generic, "I don't get it." I am sure that my fellow tutors will have differing opinions on this topic, but my tutoring style definitely fits more into the specific realm than the generic realm. There have been two different instances in my tutoring experience where I have helped students with the general issues they are facing. In both of those situations, I feel that I have failed them...because the amount of time they need is just not possible for me. In my opinion, if there is a way for WyzAnt to put something on this website that would allow students/parents to specify the level of understanding of the student...that may go a long way to making sure that tutors get paired with students who match the needs and commitment of each other. Also, if WyzAnt could require tutors to choose a particular tutoring style (homework/exam questions vs lesson plans, for example), that would help students to choose tutors more in line with their needs.


Dominic J.

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