My First Tutoring Session through WyzAnt

I was quite pleased with how effortless the whole process was in obtaining my first student. He and I emailed each other a couple of times, pegged down a location in Holly Springs and met up on a Saturday. The location was amazingly quiet and we were able to find a spot to talk with no problem. My student had taken an undergraduate Statistics course a while back, but was in need of some brushing up. I understand that statistical topics can be a bit of a challenge to grab on to initially. Most people think that Statistics is just Mathematics, but there's a lot more to it. We discussed how to calculate expected value, variance and standard deviation for discrete probability models ... which, yes, does involve math, but if you don't understand the question, no amount of math is going to matter. Initially, it seemed like he was having a difficult time understanding, and I couldn't quite figure out why. Eventually, he got it, but when we moved on to the next topic, I realized that I completely overestimated the difficulty of his class based on the initial tutoring topic. Word to the wise, be sure to obtain some idea of what the upcoming session is going to be about...this way, not only can you prepare adequately for the lesson itself, but you get a better feel for where the student is coming from. I made the mistake of attempting to solve the problem in a much more complicated way than it needed to be solved. He understood the method and is much better off in the long run for it ... but it took a lot longer than it needed to for him to learn that method. That was my mistake, but I have learned from it and am taking it with me going forward.


Dominic J.

Experienced Statistics/Mathematics Tutor

400+ hours
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