Knowing the equation can solve your standardized writing woes

Many people that excel in math and science do not do as well in writing and vice versa. My experience is that following a specific formula, typical to mathematical formulas and equations, can assist students in creating a great essay for standardized testing purposes.

Just as a chef would utilize a specific recipe for a delectable dessert, writers must have a writing recipe, or formula, to create a satisfying essay. In the classroom setting, I begin my lesson by showing my students an actual recipe that I use, including measurements and directions. Next, I show them the writing recipe/formula. It looks as follows:

Essay Writing Recipe

1 catchy starter sentence to get your audience’s attention

1 excellent thesis statement identifying specific supporting details
3 strong body paragraphs with elaborate information regarding thesis (above)
1 summarizing conclusion paragraph outlining supporting details
1 re-statement of thesis
*season with transitional sentences and words as needed

The Formula
I.) Introduction
a. Make definite stand on the topic given on standardized test
b. Elaborate on that stand
c. Create a thesis
i. Use 3 major points you intend to discuss in your essay

II.) Body Paragraph 1
a. Elaborate & support point 1 in introduction

III.) Body Paragraph 2
a. Elaborate & support point 2 in introduction

IV.) Body Paragraph 3
a. Elaborate & support point 3 in introduction

V.) Conclusion
a. Re-state your stand on given topic in a new way
b. Explain why you make that stand
c. Re-state your thesis in a new way, specifically listing your 3 main points



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