Find Your Genius

I’ve heard once that everyone “is a genius in something”. Throughout my academic life, my passion has had me find my genius- in reaching out and teaching others. It is with that same passion and genius that I enter the classroom, present a lecture, lead a discussion, assign an activity, grade an assignment, and counsel a student.

It‘s the passion for learning that keeps me going back to school and it is that passion that I hope to inspire in others. It is my job as a teacher to lead and inspire students to take up and continue this passion for a lifetime by using their own individual genius.

I find that the most effective curriculum connects the students to their own world, by trying to create an environment and conditions that place students in touch with the skills and resources they need for self-learning. I encourage students to make their own discoveries, for I have found that the lessons we learn ourselves seem to be the most valuable and longest lasting.

Finally, I value the practical experiences that I have gained throughout my personal life and professional career in the corporate world. These experiences represent some of my most powerful teaching tools. Some of these experiences were borne of peaceful moments and thoughtful reflection; others from harrowing and stressful situations. Presented judiciously and balanced with theoretical knowledge from books, these experiences can have a profound influence on students.

I enjoy the simple pleasures of teaching: leading and working with young people, watching them grow, and observing how they contribute to society through professional development and ethical behavior. And as trite as it sounds reaching and developing that passion for learning in the unreachable student, is why I want to be in this profession.


Johanna G.

Johanna - State Licensed Reading Specialist/Teacher

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