Caring Tutor

Are your children struggling in school? Do you wish your child to do better in school? Are there college students who need extra help? There are many reasons why a student is not at grade level or struggling to stay at grade level, and high school students who graduate with limited English, Reading, and Writing abilities. Sometimes a child has a learning disability (ADHD, Autism, Asperger's) or limited English skills. A student's achievements and self-esteem are the most important things students can receive if they are struggling or has limited English skills. So many students fall through the cracks at school, including my own son, because of several special needs. When we let our students fall through the cracks, the student(s) usually finds himself/herself in trouble. With low self-esteem and believing they cannot do something will allow students to hang around with not so great students. As parents and adult students, we need to strive for the best that is within us all. I am willing to work with all students who have a desire to do better than a "D" or "F". Elementary school is where it all starts. If a student falls behind in elementary school, a student, more than likely, will fall behind in middle and high school. So lets BLOG!!!


Julia C.

A tutor who understands and students needs to succeed!

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